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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary

A milestone wedding anniversary is absolutely something to celebrate. The honored couple managed to trudge through the “for better or worse” for one, five, ten, twenty-five or fifty years. When reaching the 50 or half a century mark, a party is most likely in order. These are legacies that can't be measured in material possessions, but rather the lives they have touched through their marriage.

When planning a celebration for these milestone events, you can choose to have the party at home, make it a more formal gathering in a restaurant, or decide to go all out and throw a large catered event at a banquet hall.

Once you create the guest list you will have a better idea of how you will host the party and the amount of work you want to undertake yourself.

Asking guests to submit their favorite memories of the couple will allow guest who cannot attend to still take part in this anniversary party.  It will also allow you to give these memories as a cherished gift in a beautiful box or assembled as a scrapbook.

The following are noted as symbolic traditional gifts attached to certain milestone anniversaries:

  • One – Paper
  • Five – Wood
  • Ten – Tin
  • Twenty-Five – Silver
  • Fifty – Gold

When reaching fifty, it is referred to as a “golden wedding anniversary”.  When planning this party, the color scheme is pretty much determined and lends for a very elegant party.

Selecting a menu for the anniversary couple could be based on their favorite foods, the meal they shared on their first date or on their wedding day. When planning the menu, remember the not-so-newlyweds have older friends who may have dietary restrictions.

If the couple saved their cake topper, it would be nostalgic to use it on top of the 50th cake.

Make sure to toast the guests of honor.  The host should have special words to say to them.

Songs from the decade the couple was married is easy to set the musical tone. Although, if the couple’s preferences lend toward a different style of music, go with what they love.

Whatever you decide, make sure to consider DeCarlo's Banquet Center for your anniversary party. Our friendly and experienced staff and added personal service will make your banquet special. DeCarlo's offers seven beautiful banquet rooms with a variety of menu options at affordable pricing to give you the elegance you deserve with nearly any sized budget.

DeCarlo’s Banquet Center also offers off-site catering with a variety of menu options.

Call us today to discuss you anniversary party at 586-759-6500 or reach out to us on the contact form on our website.



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