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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Magic of a Holiday Engagement

The holiday season has that magical feeling when love is in the air.  Giving is the name of the game and what could be more perfect than an engagement ring. The timing could not be more perfect and DeCarlo’s Banquet Center knows that the holidays are a special time for many people!

Family Gatherings

Getting engaged is a special moment that should be shared with all of your closest loved ones. When friends and family members are spread out all over the country, it may be hard to celebrate together. For this reason, many people pop the question over the holidays because many additional friends and family members are in town visiting.  And there is always the quick to share video on social media so all can reenact the special moment.

The Perfect Gift

A new pet, tickets to an upcoming event, or tech-savvy tools are all great gifts, but nothing beats an engagement ring. Anyone who is planning on proposing over the holidays doesn’t need to worry about fighting off crowds at the mall or brainstorming gift ideas.

Proposing with a beautiful engagement ring is the perfect gift as it represents spending the rest of your life together building memories and sometimes a family together.


The holidays are one of the happiest times of the year for many people. If you get engaged during the holidays, this will be an exceptional memory that you can recollect each and every season here on after.  Tagging this special memory to the season will make the holidays even more magical.


Holiday Engagements Lends For Future Celebrations At DeCarlos’s Banquet Center

It’s not hard to see why so many people decide to propose during this time of the year. A holiday engagement is the perfect way to end the year and start your new life together!

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