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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Should You Have A Display Shower?


Although you are an invited guest and are very excited for the bride-to-be, we have most had the same internal eyeroll when it comes time to open all of the wrapped gifts.  You know how many things you have to do once you leave the bridal shower and wish somehow this process could speed along.  On the other side, the bride-to-be is excited about receiving many of her registered gifts and can feel disappointed when her guests are chit-chatting and not giving her the undivided attention in her limelight.


A recent trend has taken way that avoids both sides of this very situation. Although a bit less traditional, it may be time to consider a display bridal shower.


What Is a Display Shower?

Guests bring unwrapped gifts and put them on display with name tags labeling who gave what. They cut down on the time spent unwrapping gifts and can also be eco-friendly.


Thanking Your Guests

If a bride-to-be chooses this nontraditional route, it doesn't mean you should skip acknowledging your new gifts altogether.  Instead the bride can stand up and acknowledge each gift individually or make a pleasant announcement thanking each guest for their gracious gift.  The announcement usually includes a mention of dessert and time to mingle and walk around the bridal gift display to see the presentation.


Potential for Awkwardness

A bridal display shower may not be the choice for everyone, though. Sometimes gifts are personal.  If you feel it will turn into a gift showdown of who gave what or somewhat of a competition among family members or guests, it may be more fun to be able to unwrap the gifts in front of everyone.


Keep In Mind…

If you're hosting a display shower, don’t forget to mention the gifts that were shipped to your home.   Also, if you choose the display route, make sure to bring extra boxes or bags to transport the gifts back home.


Whichever option you choose; traditional or display for your perfect bridal showerDeCarlo’s will help make your event memorable.  We offer seven beautiful banquet rooms with a variety of menu options at affordable pricing to give you the elegance your deserve with nearly any sized budget.

Give DeCarlo’s Banquet Center a call today at 586-759-6500 to discuss your bridal shower ideas or reach out to us on the contact form on our website.


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