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Friday, May 15, 2020

How to Put Together a Memorable Baby Shower

At DeCarlo’s Banquet Center, we understand how important it is to celebrate the arrival of your newborn baby!  With not much time to lose, DeCarlo’s is ready to plan your upcoming baby shower.  We make this process simple for you, so you don’t need to worry about the ins-and-outs of catering halls or booking a caterer.  Planning a baby shower can be an overwhelming endeavor; however, DeCarlo’s has some ideas for you to check out below!


Who Puts Together the Baby Shower?


Honestly, that’s all up to you!  Traditionally, a close friend usually puts on a baby shower.  But it can be your immediate family, a cousin, your co-workers or just about anyone else you know who is close to you.  Back in the day, it made more sense that expecting mothers reach out to their best friend, since most friend groups lived in the same neighborhood.  Today, with friends and family members living in different areas, the “rules” have changed.  Are you doing a gender reveal party?  Most likely your parents or close friend have the big news.  So, overall, someone close to you with good organization skills can get the job done right!


Make Your Own Table Settings


From floral arrangements to simple heart-shaped cutouts or children’s books, there are endless possibilities for centerpieces ideas at a baby shower venue.  Head to your nearest craft store or shop online for basic necessities: small cards, different kinds of stamps (based on your theme), and accessories to dress each table up.  DeCarlo’s friendly personal staff will work with you to find what makes each table stand out!


Make a Cute Theme


With all the cute ideas for a baby shower online, it can be hard to choose one, just because they’re all so cute!  For a Parisian theme – “Bonjour Bébé” – you can embrace your inner amour for all things Paris and French culture.  Maybe you want to do a theme centered around your favorite books to read as a little one yourself?  Dedicate each table to a specific book and tap into a little nostalgia for your guests to enjoy.  There are so many possibilities to choose from, but whatever you choose is what was meant to be!


Showers for Second or Third Children – “Baby Sprinkles”


Have you already put together a baby shower for your first child?  Maybe the big party idea is a little too much for this time around.  Plus, you might not need all those baby shower gifts that you received from the first one.  That’s ok!  In recent years, parents-to-be are opting for smaller, more intimate celebrations to honor their second or third baby coming into the world.  A baby sprinkle party can be focused more so on your family and the new baby coming.


Buffet-Style Food & Beverages


Our friendly and experienced staff here at DeCarlo’s have reputable personal service skills that will make your catered baby shower special!  With a full luncheon menu with beverage options, or a banquet menu serving classic buffet and family style fare, we’re sure to suit any taste you have in mind!  What’s more is we can provide the perfect setting, including candles, chair covers and sashes, florals and more.  Wanting a simpler look?  We’ll make your banquet casual and refined and just the way you like it!


DeCarlo’s Banquet Center: Baby Shower Halls in Warren, Michigan


At DeCarlo’s, we offer seven gorgeous affordable banquet halls that can accommodate anywhere from 35 to 1,425 people.  So, large or small, we are the perfect convention hall with banquet rooms for your baby shower.  We also provide an incredible menu and beverage options to suit all tastes and budgets.  So, if you need to book any kind of catering near Warren, Michigan, give us a call at (586) 759-6500 to book your date, or ask us about any recent developments regarding COVID-19 pandemic.  Please feel free to fill out the contact form on our website!

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