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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Top Weddings Trends in 2020

Congratulations!  You and your loved one are tying the knot, and DeCarlo’s wants to thank you for considering our local wedding catering services to help celebrate your special occasion.  Since 1969, we have proudly served the community by hosting weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions.  Yet, even though our values are based on a long-standing tradition, we know how important it is to stay relevant to current trends.


Here are some of the things to consider and look forward to in the 2020 wedding season:


Going Green: Sustainable Décor


Couples are opting out of including traditional, and often convenient, items that aren’t so eco-friendly.  Materials like Styrofoam and plastic are being deemed cheap and downright environmentally hurtful.  From things like biodegradable place settings to composting natural décor and food, couples have taken notice of the amount of waste that can collect after such a big day.


Think Small: Micro Weddings


To leap-frog off of the first trend, weddings at an intimate level look like they might have an upper-hand in 2020.  By reducing the guest list to under 100 people (some couples prefer as little as 25-50 guests), the celebration is much more manageable, including reducing the amount of waste that collects over the course of the evening.  Trust us when we say that you’ll be much happier saving money whilst spending more quality time with those you’re closest to.


Looks Like Everyone Has the Blues


According to Pantone, Classic Blue is sure to be a popular shade for this upcoming wedding season.  Other publications, such as PPG, chose a beautiful, deep Chinese Porcelain, deriving from orchid blues of Chinese ceramic; Sherwin-Williams chose Naval, an even-deeper shade of blue that can be used for eye-catching foregrounds or subtle backgrounds alike.


Vibe with Creative Lighting


If you want to ditch the traditional lights that literally everyone displays, then create your own!  Who says you can’t do cute string lights everywhere for a Christmas-themed wedding in the summer?  Good lighting is another personalized way to get those 2020 wedding décor trends noticed.  Lighting is so variable now.  You can design your own intimate hanging lights, incorporate cool LED bars, or even lava lamps as part of your centerpieces.  Whether it’s putting on a coordinated light show, or hanging fairy lights over the wedding party table, feel free to throw around different ideas.  Of course, candle lights are always in style and provide a timeless aesthetic to any wedding.


Funky Interactive Moments


How fun would it be if your entire dessert spread was interactive?  Like attaching donuts to the ends of an umbrella.  Maybe a do-it-yourself cotton candy station?  We don’t want to decide for you rather than inspire the ideas.  Get funky and extraordinary!  Surprise your guests with a dance tournament or put together a “Pimp Your Cupcake” table featuring all the toppings anyone could ever imagine.  This is your day… make it your day!


Self-Serve Food & Beverage


Everyone loves a formal dinner with five courses and waitstaff to serve your every need.  But, let’s be real… that’s so been there, done that!  Buffets allow your guests to go up and get as much grub as they please.  Not only does this cater to your guests but it also helps cut back on the food you don’t eat afterward.  Spice it up and feature a craft beer in a keg for all (of age) to enjoy.  Also, it’s important to note that accommodations are a big thing happening in 2020.  Whether you have guests who are gluten-free, vegan or suffer from nut allergies, take them into consideration when planning your food spreads.


DeCarlo’s Banquet Center: Affordable Banquet Halls in Warren, Michigan


At DeCarlo’s, we offer seven gorgeous banquet halls that can accommodate anywhere from 35 to 1,425 people.  So, large or small, we are the perfect venue for your wedding reception.  We also provide an incredible menu and beverage options to suit all tastes and budgets.  So, if you need to book any kind of catering near Warren, Michigan, give us a call at (586) 759-6500 to book your 2020 date, or fill out the contact form on our website!


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